June 16, 2018 – Early Morning Musings

(Lying in bed early this morning)

Me: What if what and how we eat as Americans isn’t what has caused the obesity epidemic, at least not in the way we think?

Cheryl: What do you mean?

Me: So, obesity became a problem after we moved to recommending a low fat diet. At the same time processed foods became common place, yet it took almost two generations for obesity to be out of control. We both experienced metabolic syndrome as a cause for obesity, but why? It is clearly genetic in some way for a lot of people. So what if the change in diet, along with the rise of processed foods caused some genetic abnormality that gets passed through to offspring?

Cheryl: (looks at the time, laughs hysterically) Only you, honey. Only you!

Me: What?

Cheryl: Only you would think such thinks at 7AM on a Saturday. You are a total nerd, and your theory probably has some validity, but it’s still 7AM on Saturday. So, go back to sleep.

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