July 20, 2018 – Diet Coke and Puppies.

Me: I’ve been doing some thinking about what the pecking order around here is.

(Cheryl tilts her head and looks at me questioningly)

Me: I mean as in where I fall on the scale of important things to you.

Cheryl: this is going to be great, please tell me how important you are to me.”

Me: Well, I figure I’m the third most important thing in your life. The pups are number one, Diet Coke is number two, and I’m number three.

Cheryl: You’re close, but really you aren’t third. You’re second.

Me: So, just the dogs are more important.

Cheryl: (Laughing hysterically) No honey, the animals are not more important. I can live with out them if I absolutely had to, and while I would hate it, I could live without you, but there is absolutely no way in hell I can live without Diet Coke.

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