July 21, 2008 – More OCD Nightmares

(Since getting braces I have started keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere. My office, my car, and my book bag. We went to breakfast in Cheryl’s car this morning and after I made her stop at the store so I could get another toothbrush and toothpaste to keep in her car. This conversation took place several hours later after I’d brushed my teeth for the fourth time.)

Cheryl (looking a little annoyed): Hurry honey, I need to get a drink before the movie starts.

Me: I’m done, I just need to use some mouth wash.

Cheryl: (Sigh)

Me: (I finish rinsing and put everything away) Ok, I’m ready. (She takes my hand, and we walk toward the theater) I know my quirks annoy you sometime.

Cheryl: It’s OK.

Me: I see you aren’t going to deny it annoys you.

Cheryl: Nope, but I still love you, even with you obsessive tooth brushing.

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