July 27, 2018 – She’s the Boss

Cheryl: Do you want to take Jacob to the movies tonight for his birthday?

Me: How about y’all go without me.

Cheryl: I want you with me.

Me: Honey, I’ve worked 50 hours this week so far, and I still have to work all day tomorrow starting first thing in the morning. Honestly, I should clock in and work some more tonight.

Cheryl: You have until 9:00 to work, movie starts at 9:30.

Me: Just so we are clear, you weren’t actually asking if I wanted to go, you were telling me I’m going?

Cheryl: (Silence, with a sheepish grin)

Me: Seriously, you are telling me I have no choice, correct?

Cheryl: Kinda, yeah.

Me: (Sighing) Ok.

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