August 6, 2018 – Baptismal Waterslides

Saw an article about Elevation Church introducing a baptismal waterslide (yes, I know, and not the point). I was telling Cheryl about it and the following transpired. Keep in mind, she was raised Catholic.

Cheryl: A baptismal waterslide? I don’t suppose you can wear a swimsuit.

Me: Probably not. You probably just go in your clothes.

Cheryl: Seriously?

Me: That’s how I was baptized. I mean not with the waterslide, but in my clothes.

Cheryl: You mean like in the river.

Me: No, in the baptismal at the church.

Cheryl: what is that?

Me: It’s like a three foot deep bathtub behind the choir box.

Cheryl: No way. You’re lying.

Me: No, really. (I proceed to consult google for pictures of a baptismal)

Cheryl: (Stares at pictures with wonderment) No way! Clearly the Catholics have this one, cause that’s just ridiculous.

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