August 8, 2018 – Beef Bourguignon and French Lessons

Cheryl and I are at dinner discussing the menu for our reception.

Cheryl: I don’t know how to say this! It’s beef borgeen, or something.

Me: you mean Beef Bourguignon?

Cheryl: Is that how you say it?

Me: Yes.

Cheryl: Say it again.

Me: Beef Bourguignon.

Cheryl: Beef burger.

Me: No, Beef Bourguignon. Say it with me. Boor-geen-yon.

Cheryl: Beef Burger

Me: Boor

Cheryl: Boor

Me: geen

Cheryl: geen

Me: yon

Cheryl: yon

Me: Now say it all together.

Cheryl Beef Burger.

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