August 25, 2018 – Making People Uncomfortable

We are talking about where to go for brunch.

Cheryl: I hate picking because you will go even when you don’t want to, and the I feel bad.

Me: Where do we go that I don’t like?

Cheryl: IHOP.

Me: Yeah, I’m not really a fan, but I’ll go for you.

Cheryl: We could go to (unnamed restaurant we have only been to once because we were treated poorly)

Me: Sure, if you want. Do you think they were rude to us because we are gay?

Cheryl: It was just the server.

Me: But was it because we are gay?

Cheryl: Absolutely.

Me: (Sighing)

Cheryl: If we are going, we have to get moving.

Me: Ok

Cheryl: Let’s go make people uncomfortable.

Me: I love making people uncomfortable!

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