Sick Wives and the Things They Don’t Dream!

This morning as I was getting ready for work, Cheryl was staying in bed because she currently has an ear infection. She got up to go to the bathroom.

Me: Honey, while your in the bathroom, can you throw away my one card (the one card is my work ID card which also gets me into secure areas)?

She doesn’t answer me, but takes the card. I assume she’s thrown it away.

Fast forward 14 hours, and we are in the bedroom getting ready for bed and I find the one card I asked her to throw away. She sees me pick it up.

Cheryl: I had a dream you asked me to throw away your one card.

Me: I did ask you to throw away my one card.

She looks at me like I have five heads.

Me: I had to get a new one made because it stopped working.

She’s still looking at me like I have five heads.

Me: I couldn’t get into the records center at work with this card.

Cheryl: You mean I didn’t dream that?

Me: Oh honey, I just can’t with you.


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