A Convenient Deception by W.A. Cooper

Lies, deception, and manipulation; Oh my!

What was the book about?:
Braer McGlashan is an artist. She has been in a marriage of convenience for years with her former lover’s brother, David Granger. Ariana Te Ata’s marriage is crumbling. She suspects her husband, Jordan Travers, has been having an affair. When Ariana links Jordan to David’s company, she thinks Jordan may be having an affair with Braer. Ariana decides to contact Braer under false pretenses which leads to the women falling for each other. Everyone has secrets and everyone is telling lies. When the truth finally comes out, it wreaks havoc on Braer and Ariana’s new found love.

Featured Tropes:
Friends to lovers

Book Strengths:
All the characters really come alive in this book. Often, secondary characters are meant to drive a storyline, but here, they are really a part of the world. This truly makes the book complete. The writing is strong, and the story is very well constructed.

Character Chemistry:
Braer and Ariana are perfect together. Their initial tentativeness around each other is adorable. And when they do finally get together, just wow!

Heat Rating: 4

You will be on the edge of your seat waiting for all the truths to come out.

Star Rating: 5

If you would like to purchase A Convenient Deception please follow the links below:
Reviewed at Les Revêur

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