Breaking Point – A Novella

My first book is available now. You can get buy the eBook exclusively on Amazon, or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited, just click here. You can order a signed paperback below.

Andi and Dawn collide (literally) on a beach in Mexico. This leads the women to indulge in a hot and steamy, but short-lived fling. After returning to their respective homes on the East Coast, they begin a long-distance affair. An affair that quickly turns from casual to serious.

Tess has been Dawn’s best friend since they were seven years old. She has also been in love with Dawn since discovering she liked girls in junior high school. In an attempt to win Dawn’s heart, she has successfully sabotaged every relationship Dawn has ever attempted to have, but still has not moved past the friend zone.

Will Andi and Dawn’s new-found love fall victim to Tess’s sabotage? And just how far is Tess willing to go to have Dawn for herself?

Signed Paperback – Breaking Point

This is a signed paperback copy of Breaking Point. A 77 page debut novella.