May 19, 2018 – Imaginary Conversations

Cheryl and I are in the car. I’m working on a report for work. We stopped for lunch, and I’m still working on said report. The following exchange takes place:

Cheryl: when we were in the car we were talking about needing something from the store, what was it?

Me: (thinking WTH is she talking about, I was working all the way here). Honey, are you sure we talked about this?

Cheryl: yes, I said we could go to Walmart here in Washington.

Me: honey, are you sure that you didn’t just think to yourself we needed something from the store, and that we should go to the Walmart here?

Cheryl: (with a sheepish expression) no, there’s no way that’s what happened, absolutely not.

Did I mention I love my wife more than anything!

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